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At last, the truth about what it REALLY takes to build an online business and create your dream life

What Timothy Ferriss and the “4-hour work week” doesn’t know and can’t tell you

Dear Friend,

If you want  to develop your passion business, create a following, and achieve financial independence without losing your family, your friends, and your mind, then this might be the most important letter you ever read.

Here is why:

As soon as you give me your email, I will start sharing with you the secrets of one of the greatest minds on the planet on human motivation and internet business development: Mike Jay.

And what’s more, I will be sharing with you the EXACT tools, strategies and performance management system that I will be using to generate my very first 5-figure internet product launch in the next 9 weeks.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. You may have never even heard of Mike Jay (if so, look him up now). So let me give you a few good reasons I can back up what I claim:

Reason one: Mike Jay has done very well for himself as an internet marketer (he asked me not to disclose exact figure), while personally coaching about 2,000 people to be more successful in their businesses and happier in their lives

Reason two: Mike Jay usually charges a minimum of $25k for a coaching engagement, but he and his team are coaching and mentoring me for free (give me your email, and I will tell you my first secret: how I convinced him to do this)

Reason three: I am a professional software developer and instructional designer. I know how to create great manuals and technical guides, which have made $250k each for my clients on three separate occasions. But I don’t know squat about internet product development and marketing. So how can I make these bold claims? Because I know something far more important – something that Timothy Ferriss never really explains, because he doesn’t know it either. Let me tell you this second secret to creating happiness and success right away by giving me your email:

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending

After I got fired as a technical writer, I started studying and learning internet marketing. I had a great idea, which was to create a training company for WordPress website development and internet marketing. I started offering webinars, first to my friends, then to a larger audience. People liked the courses. The courses grew. I started writing articles, and my website became quite popular, attracting almost 4000 monthly visitors.

But something was missing. WordPress was very cool, teaching people how to make websites and develop their internet presence was fun, but my heart cried out for something more.

In the summer of 2010, I first met Mike Jay and discovered his developmental and performance-management system, that is called Flawless Living. I immediately saw the truth of what he was teaching, the reason so many of us struggle to balance success and happiness, why these two things are so elusive, and what can be done about it. I joined his program right away, and shortly thereafter joined his management team.

You can join his program too, you can attend the next Flawless Living seminar that will be coming to your area, or purchase the book that will be coming out in November. I STRONGLY encourage you to do this, the seminar will cost you a few hundred bucks and will change your life. No one else is teaching this stuff. But for right now, you can join my list and I will tell you the third secret to gaining success and happiness.

Here is what you will get by signing-up

In the next 9 weeks, ending on November 22, 2010, I will be launching my very first internet product. It’s called the WordPress Workshop, and it’s a training video on WordPress website development and internet marketing. I am actually going to “open the curtain” of my life for the next 9 weeks, and show you how I am going about creating the kind of impact in the world, and the kind of income, that I know is possible for someone who adopts the Flawless Living developmental system. I am taking a chance here. Some of the things I may be sharing with you, are things that I would normally only share with my closest friends, or my therapist. But there is a reason, for this, a purpose behind it: you can’t create major success and income in your life without looking deeply into who you are as a human being, the things that drive you, and the things that turn you off. I will give you a little feeling for how this is done. You ultimately will have to do this for yourself, but for the duration of this program I will be sending you a weekly email containing:

  • All the developmental and personal performance management tools, resources and information that I find. This includes the results of my personal coaching relationship with one of the most brilliant coaches and developmentalists on the planet, Mike Jay
  • Summaries of all the internet marketing resources (technical and otherwise) that I use in my next product launch. This includes Clay Collins’ Product Launch Formula I have purchased ($1200); and every other inspiring person and helpful resource that I discover in my journey
  • My weekly web traffic, conversion rates and sales
  • My personal timesheets and scorecards (and if you don’t know what a scorecard is, and why it’s an essential part of a performance management system, you will find out)
  • All the insights and powerful transformation that is likely to happen as my “feet are held to the fire” by my support team in this very demanding project. (Note: self-discipline is not my forte. If I can do this, anyone can. See below the Barbara Sher quote)
  • image I am even going to throw in my current product for free, the WordPress 101 Quick Start ebook: Build your first site in 2 hours. You can start to immediately implement the ideas and resources that I am sharing here by creating your first website or blog.

Get all this now for FREE:

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To your success,

Marc Beneteau

PS: Here is what one of my heroes, Barbara Sher, has to say in Wishcraft.

Hint: read this book. Then ready every book that Barbara Sher has ever written. You will then have a very good introduction to the Flawless Living Design System. Afterwards, write to Flawless Living and ask when the next seminar is.

Anyway back to Barbara Sher and “Wishcraft”:

“As the bruised victim of every success book and program that ever promised me ten easy steps to self-esteem, self-discipline, will power, or a positive attitude, I know what I’m talking about when I say this book is different. I wrote it for people like me—people who were born without any of the virtues that made Horatio Alger great and who have given up all hope of ever developing them. Can you persevere? I can’t. There is no diet of any kind, physical, emotional, or financial, that I haven’t fallen off by Wednesday if I started it on Monday. Self-discipline? I jogged once—I think it was about four years ago. Self-confidence? I’ve walked out of dozens of seminars bursting with it. It lasted three days. I’m an ace procrastinator, I love nothing better than to watch old movies on the Late Show when I’m supposed to be doing something important. My positive attitudes are invariably followed by gloomy slumps. As a well-meaning but tactless friend once said to me, “Barbara, if you can make it, anyone can.”

So, think – given this, how do you think Barbara Sher became one of the nation’s most popular coaches and speakers? Trained thousands of people in her team-building methods, and inspired hundreds of thousands more to live their dream life?

Think about it, and start to consider the possibility that everything you have ever learned about success and happiness may be wrong.