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Books about or related to Career Development, Personal Fufillment, Life Balance, Right-Livelihood and Financial Independence

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Technical details about this site [I am a techno-geek at heart :0) ]

This website is powered by WordPress 2.6.x, using the Atahuapa theme by BFA Web Design, using Plugins All in One SEO Pack, Google XML SitemapsFeedburner Feedsmith, Comment Relish and Subscribe to Comments.  Email subscriptions and feed management (including access statistics) provided by amazing free service Feedburner.  Access statistics provided by a Feedburner small tracker script that must be inserted into the main index.php file and the singlepost.php file in the theme editor. Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that generates XML sitemaps, and notifies major search engines whenever new content is posted.  All in One SEO pack allows very granular control over the page meta information, while providing defaults that generally work quite well. 

WordPress is the most amazing publishing platform that I have ever worked with, and the Atahuapa theme is the best one I have ever encountered, providing many configuration options including left and right column width (which can be set to zero).  All I had to do was change the logo and banner and I had a super-professional site (this has never happened to me with an off-the-shelf theme).  The integration between Atahuapa, All in One SEO, and Google Sitemaps is perfect.  As everybody knows, search engines love blogs, to the point where I am wondering if traditional website publishing has been rendered obsolete, given the ability to distribute content through both email and RSS.