Love, Sex and Power unveiled (first time)

Big news — in a few weeks I will be leaving Thailand and moving to the Tamera community in Portugal!  It will take me a few months to get there, as I am taking a circuituous route that includes a 10-day silent meditation, a month in my mentor Mike Jay‘s rural Philippine island paradise […]

Human Super-Powers: Manifesto for a New Social Order

superman[Draft Version 2013/01/28]

[Practical elements of the platform listed below consist of:

Some of you know that I am currently living in a commune near Asheville NC… and that I have been living communally for about 10 years now.  Living in community is challenging at best, frequently blissful, and sometimes hell – but this is now my life.  Having “drunk the cool-aid” there is no turning back for me now.

Today is the first time, however, that I am able to clearly articulate why.  I am calling this: Read more >>

Getting to “Game Over” (Part 2)

“Game Over” in internet-marketing parlance is a term coined by blogger (and now successful entrepreneur) Clay Collins.  The term makes me smile for its simplicity and directness (Do entrepreneurs ever get to “game over”?  How dull would that be – isn’t the joy of the chase what we live for?).

And yet it communicates.  […]

Business triumphs and challenges

I want to start writing more to this blog, and more personal stuff. After 25 years I am still coming to terms with this crazy lifestyle called “being an entrepreneur”.  Yikes.

I spent all of October working intensively on my Magnum Opus, the WordPress Business Encyclopedia.  In just 30 days I have changed my […]

Join developmentalist Mike Jay and me, 5 Mondays starting tonight (9/9)

Just a quick heads-up that I will be joining my coach and mentor Mike Jay for a 5-week telecourse entitled “Living @FLOW” that begins tonight, Monday 9/9 at 8:30pm.  I would love to see you there.

The course is an experiential lecture/discussion series that explores many issues related to human motivation, happiness, and success.  It is designed to help you navigate the rocky shoals of being human in the 21st century, and presents a re-frame of our “consensus reality” that can be very beneficial to achieving more happiness and success both.  It is an introduction to Mike’s latest thinking on “Living @FLOW”, plus an opportunity to interact with a master coach and developmentalist in person (Each of the live sessions end with a Q&A). Read more >>