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Ever since I was young I have been obsessed with the relationship between happiness and success, and with managing that relationship to create experiences of peak performance, what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi later wrote about in the book Flow (1990).  I felt this to be connected to sexual polarity, or the relationship between masculine and feminine elements of the personality, both internally and in sexual relationships.  Shirley Luthman’s book Collection, which I found when I was 26,  answered a lot of my  questions and gave me a good model that I adopted.

Despite this, I was mostly unhappy (and sometimes desperately so) until my early 40s.  I was searching for a quality of relationship that I knew must exist, but seemed very elusive and generally beyond my grasp.  I spent 25 years looking for this, through various personal development and training programs, community development on my own (networking with compatible people and bringing them together for purposes of fun and growth), and many romantic relationships.  I was the king of tragic love affairs.  I went through much pain in my quest, but I never gave up.  I felt that I must either succeed in my quest or die.  I simply was not willing to live an ordinary life.

In 2004 my first big break occured.  I met my last wife Rebekah and was introduced to the teachings of the Lafayette Morehouse and the late Victor Baranco.   My ex-wife and I had a very eventful and turbulent time for the 9 years of our marriage.  About 3 years into it, we realized a dream of mine and created a commune near Philadelphia, which we ran very successfully  for 3 years.  In late 2009, our commune was shut down over zoning issues, but it remains one of the peak experiences of my life.  Communal living (sharing physical and emotional space for fun and transformation) is my passion and joy.

About that time I also became an entrepreneur, eventually founding my current business, WP Academy.

In early 2014 I wrote a book called “Love, Sex and Power for Men: How to Win with Women” (www.lovesexpower.com). This is a relationship and communication model based on men’s service and devotion to women, which I believe is a legitimate and also very effective path to self-actualization.

In August 2014 I officially became a Digital Nomad, moving to Thailand to intensively study yoga and tantra while developing WP Academy and the LSP platform.

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About Lifestyle Design School

This is a site about the psychology and the spirituality of success and motivation, particularly as it applies to the profession of internet marketer, but really to any self-employed person or entrepreneur.

The original inspiration for this site was Timothy Ferriss’ bestselling book The 4-hour work week.  Ferriss coined the word “Lifestyle Design” as the art and science of creating your life however you want it, or, of becoming the master of your own destiny.  The book is heavily focussed towards optimizing your time (minimizing the time spent working and maximizing the time spent playing) and towards developing passive-income producing, internet-based businesses.  The book is very inspiring but also off-the-mark in a lot of ways.  My approach is different, which is that money is about 10% of the problem of “Liberation”, and that the pursuit of money for the sake of freedom when you aren’t clear on your mission and your core needs is usually not a good strategic choice (been there, done that :-) ).

In my experience, the problem of personal happiness is usually best solved by focusing less initially on income generation and more on the  investigation of human value creation, including the pursuit of pleasure, meaning and contribution as fundamental drivers of human behaviour.  This investigation has been variously referred to as “self-actualization” (Maslow), “personality integration” (Jung and others), the acquisition of personal power (Tony Robbins, Shirley Luthman and others), the “hero’s journey” (Joseph Campbell), “healing the spirit/matter split” (Saniel Bonder), Mike Jay’s F.LO.W., and learning how to love and be loved (all major religious traditions, Jerry Jud / Shalom Mountain, the Hendrick’s,  and many others).

The basic premise of this site, is that there is a lot of technical and marketing information available for how to create a successful internet business, but there is (IMHO) a lack of quality information about the “inner game” of success, both as an internet marketer and as a human being committed to impacting the world and causing transformation.

For my overall critique of the 4-hour work week, and a historical context for this type of work, see the article:

What is “Lifestyle Design” and who the heck is Timothy Ferriss?