Getting to “Game Over” (Part 2)

kindle“Game Over” in internet-marketing parlance is a term coined by blogger (and now successful entrepreneur) Clay Collins.  The term makes me smile for its simplicity and directness (Do entrepreneurs ever get to “game over”?  How dull would that be – isn’t the joy of the chase what we live for?).

And yet it communicates.  Let’s face it, this is what we are about.  Whether we want the real thing (financial independence) or whether we simply want to claim the bragging rights, is an open question.  I suspect that most of us really just want to make a difference and to be seen and acknowledged.

When I had my first big month on the web – oh, back in the Summer of 2011, I made $10k in one month – I wrote a piece with that title.  You can find it in this blog archive, but today I am a bit embarrassed to even read it.  I have had a few successes since that time, this is true; but many more painful lessons.  The Summer of 2011 was definitely not  “Game Over” for Marc Beneteau and WP Academy.  And now I question whether such a thing even exists.

And yet… WP Academy has arrived (and is here to stay), this can no longer be doubted.  The business has enough income to sustain me (albeit on a modest scale right now), while I am creating from my genius.  I have figured out how to be paid to write technical manuals (which I like “better than sex” – another story) – while simultaneously building business equity and a following… how cool is that.  I am stunned.

It has been a 9-year journey, lived (for the most part) at a financial edge that was not at all comfortable for me (to say the least).  I have had many other experiences and adventures in this time as well, experiences that were very rich and utterly transformational; but my work always pulled me back into the vortex… into a zone (often enough) of struggle and self-doubt.  What is the meaning of an entrepreneur who is not making any money?  You complete that sentence for me.

Is there benefit in looking back at a decade-worth of personal and business “work” in order to both celebrate and mourn it?  I would like to think so.

Yet true perspective only comes with time.

Good judgment comes from experience.

Experience comes from bad judgment”.

— Sufi sage

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