Business triumphs and challenges

I want to start writing more to this blog, and more personal stuff. After 25 years I am still coming to terms with this crazy lifestyle called “being an entrepreneur”.  Yikes.

imageI spent all of October working intensively on my Magnum Opus, the WordPress Business Encyclopedia.  In just 30 days I have changed my publishing platform  and put my content out to all the major markets – and I do mean pretty well all of them.  I have books on Kindle, Apps on Android, and others in the publishing queue that will be going into iBookstore, Barnes & Noble Nook, and iPad/iOS apps as well.  It has truly been an extraordinary journey,  and indicative of massive changes in the self-publishing landscape.  I mean… here I am, little-old-me running my tiny business from my bedroom, working this crazy dream of creating the ultimate WordPress & Web Technology help manual… and perhaps even succeeding at it…  while pioneering advances in self-publishing and instructional technology (I made the world’s first “help doc” for WordPress, I have one of the first “video ebooks”, I am the first to publish an app from my particular help authoring software, etc.)   It is all quite unbelievable.  And exhilarating.

And then a few days ago, after 30 days of round-the-clock, borderline-manic work – it was all over (at least the first phase, which is the platform).  I had no sales and was wondering: “What the f___?”.   Am I being completely deluded in thinking that this is good – that anybody will actually buy it?

Which self-doubt was not improved by the fact that the upcoming month is looking a bit dry.  I raised $7000 in August/September from crowd-funding WP Encyclopedia (yes this is “better than a stick in the eye”)… and that money is gone.

But hope springs eternal in the entrepreneur’s breast.  I am banking on a very large JV [Joint Venture list promotion] that is booked later this week (my biggest one since May 2012); and I am hopeful that my idea of permanent crowd-funding will work.  I am not just innovating in instructional technology, I am innovating in business development.  The permanent crowd-funding is my idea too [Ok granted it’s just a sale in disguise but there is a feel-good quality to it that resonates with me.  Whether it will resonate for anyone else is yet unknown]

Just another month in the life of the entrepreneur.

Anyway when this all came down I was feeling seriously sorry for myself for a bit, but I seem to have bounced back [Halleluja].  It’s hard to say what happened exactly, I think I just kind of accepted my destiny, made peace with myself and stopped wishing I had a “real job”.   This project is coming onto four years now and it would just be too stupid to quit right now (possibly right before my greatest triumph).  I just need to move into the next phase, which is 6 months of content development, and hope to stay happy for the time.  And alive.

PS: Update 11/5: I made a few Kindle sales overnight – Yay! – and Google also reporting a few downloads of my free apps, oh happy happy day Winking smile

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