Join developmentalist Mike Jay and me, 5 Mondays starting tonight (9/9)

Just a quick heads-up that I will be joining my coach and mentor Mike Jay for a 5-week telecourse entitled “Living @FLOW” that begins tonight, Monday 9/9 at 8:30pm.  I would love to see you there.

The course is an experiential lecture/discussion series that explores many issues related to human motivation, happiness, and success.  It is designed to help you navigate the rocky shoals of being human in the 21st century, and presents a re-frame of our “consensus reality” that can be very beneficial to achieving more happiness and success both.  It is an introduction to Mike’s latest thinking on “Living @FLOW”, plus an opportunity to interact with a master coach and developmentalist in person (Each of the live sessions end with a Q&A).

The cost is just $197 for the 5-week series.  (If you get this mail too late to register for tonight, the recording will be available).  Follow this link:

More about Mike Jay and Living @FLOW

Mike is one of those unusual individuals who has dedicated his life to a single passion: exploring the nature of human motivation, growth and development.  At one point he was one of the world’s most highly-paid business and executive coaches, traveling the world working with international CEOs and billionaire investors.  Now he lives in the Philippines where (among other things) he runs an education program for Philippine street-people.  The depth and breadth of his knowledge is astonishing. He has brought much of this knowledge and experience together into this new short course “Living @FLOW” that starts tonight.

Check it out at the link above, and remember there is a money-back guarantee on the course.

See you there!


PS: if you are not able to do the course right now but are interested in these ideas anyway, register here to get the recordings of earlier sessions:

PPS: I don’t make any money for this recommendation!

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