Christine Kane Review: Uplevel Your Business 2013 Report

imageMy wife and I attended Christine Kane’s event Uplevel Your Business Live June 2-4, 2013 in Atlanta.  I was so impressed with the event, the program, the community and with Christine herself that I am writing a full, no-holds-barred review. 

Full disclosure: my wife signed up for the year-long program to develop her Sensuality Coaching business, so I am a fan of Christine’s already.  I am a full-time internet marketer / content creator for the last 3 years and I tend to be jaded about internet marketing business opportunities – but Christine Kane nailed it, as you can read in my review below.

About Christine Kane

imageChristine Kane started her career as a folksinger (!), her first album “This Time Last Year” released in 1998.  A rather good folksinger, IMHO, of the feminist persuasion, you can view the very funny video No Such Thing As Girls Like That.  The story goes that as she successfully marketed her singing and songwriting business, people started coming to her for marketing advice.  The business she  created, Uplevel  Academy, is a million dollar operation that coaches and mentors entrepreneurs to create passion businesses and implement authentic marketing strategies (both online and not).  The programs appeals mostly to women (90% of the audience) but they are open to both. 

The Business Model

Uplevel Your Business is a year-long coaching and mentoring program.  The Gold program focuses on the needs of business startups, or in their foundational first few years. The Platinum and Inner Circle programs address the issues and growth needs of more established and six-figure businesses.

The Gold Mastermind membership cost is in the high 4 figures and includes:

  • Three 2-day live retreats held in Asheville NC, plus two tickets to the next Uplevel Your Business 3-day event in Atlanta  (June 2014)
  • Ten individual coaching calls – you get assigned both a strategy coach and a “mindset” coach
  • 3 monthly teleconferences / Q&A calls with Christine and/or associate coaches
  • Facebook Mastermind group for Q&A and networking
  • Complete curriculum, worksheets, exercises etc (see below)

The year-long program starts after the main event (July or September).  It’s possible to join at other times, but people usually join after the first live event.  Therefore you would expect the bulk of enrollments to happen after the main event.  My [rough] estimate is that a third of the 225 attendees newly registered into the program, plus a large number of repeaters.  That is good conversion. 

The Scene

Sunday morning.  The W Hotel, Atlanta – 225 seated at round tables, 6-8 per table.  3 projection screens.  Informal networking at the tables of course. 

Darkness, music change, hush… Christine enters, takes over the room.  Very captivating stage presence

And then the session invocation:

Go deeper than you have ever  gone

To rise higher than you have ever been

I could buy that.  I was in.

Hours were 10am-9pm for 2 1/2 days starting on the Sunday morning… myself raising an eyebrow in remembrance of the Landmark Forum… but lunches were long and bathroom breaks were allowed. 

The curriculum

imageA 4-section, 100+ page binder gives the slides for the presentations (well-done) with ability to take notes.  My take on  the curriculum below – it would change every year however.

Day 1

  • Mindset
  • Revenue generators: One-on-one, Group programs, Proprietary packages (content), Live events, etc
  • Create Packages
  • Getting client strategies (big on referral seeking)
  • Prospect conversion strategies (refer prospects to intake interviews)
  • Interview templates and Warm letter templates

Day 2 

  • Mindset
  • Developmental levels and needs of businesses at each level
  • Positioning: assets, tools etc.  Your signature story
  • Selling is service
  • Create a selling system
  • Pre-qualify your prospects
  • The UYB year-long program upsell

Day 3

  • Create a sales script
  • Productivity and Balance
  • Registration time into the program
  • New student success luncheon
  • Closing at 4pm on last day

There were also Q&A sessions, coaching demos, meditations, and such.  I heard there were facilitated networking sessions at the Saturday evening opening, which I did not attend. 

My experience

The curriculum seems to have been created with my wife’s business in mind, which is personal coaching, so I was very happy.  It occurs as a complete blueprint for developing such a business from zero and for this reason Rebekah signed-up.  To say that this is a financial stretch for her (for us) would be an understatement, but I have not had one moment of doubt since. 

My personal takeaways were somewhat tangential but included:

  • Your number one job as an entrepreneur is marketing.
    [I market when the other work is done, with consequences that you can imagine]
  • Selling is service.  Entrepreneurs are offering people the chance to solve their most pressing problems by investing in their desired outcomes
  • The event served me well in my search for business partners as I am currently expanding our product line

The “spirit” and the energy of the meeting were quite impactful for me.  Note that I am a personal transformation junkie and was therefore “in” right from the get-go with the “go deeper / rise higher” line.  This is business as a spiritual path of personal and social transformation.  The program appears very comprehensive (information, community and support), with the added “New Thought Church” angle.  Well-done.

“New Thought Church” is my invention, but I was not the only one to think like this.  “Woo-woo” was actually a running joke at the conference (Christine is from Asheville NC, say no more).  I thought the “woo-woo” was mixed in with a healthy dose of business sense and in-your-face coaching.  I spoke with the male Minister of a progressive church (my table mate, who was there to support his wife), who was as inspired as I was by the “business-as-religion” idea.

Not everyone is in startup mode, incidentally.  There were people who were generating in the mid six-figures.  Christine mentioned breaking the million dollar mark herself, and she said that every time you jump an income threshold it’s a personal ordeal.  This put my own recent business trials in perspective.

And why all women?  Well I imagine there is a higher number of women than men who are creating passion-based businesses, using women’s natural networking,  collaboration, and intimacy skills that would likely translate well into “authentic marketing”, one of the themes of the conference.  And perhaps there are more women than men interested in the spirituality of business. 

Regardless, I say: “lead on!”


A conclusion cannot be made at this stage because the value of such a program is in the participant results (which will include intangible / non-economic value too of course).  Rebekah and I are in UYB now  — Yay! – so we’ll need to follow-up with her transformation as a Sensuality Coach, creating a world of turned-on women and the men who love them. 

But I will say this: at UYB Live 2013 in Atlanta, the Spirit moved.  My butt will be in that seat again next year. 

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