Brandon Burchard and Tim Ferriss share the stage in a free teleconference today, 4pm

My two heroes, Brendon Burchard and Tim Ferriss, share the stage today (Tuesday July 28) in a historic  free teleconference on book publishing.

Read the invitation below.  Tim Ferriss’ “The 4-hour work-week” sold 1 million copies in hard-cover.  Brendon Burchard generated $7 million in a project that initially started out as a 5-week effort.

For my thoughts about “The 4-hour work-week” (and why it makes better book marketing copy than an actual business plan) see here.  It’s still a damn good read, though.

Update:  A very disappointing event, WAY too much selling of Ferriss’s $9,000 program.  A few takeaways:

  • Use Evernote for research.  Spend 80% of your time on content and research, and 20% on marketing
  • StumbleUpon much underused marketing vehicle.  Spend $50 on SU advertising per post and hope for your article to go viral
  • Recommended books (Ferriss): On Writing Well (style), Bird by Bird (challenges of writing), 22 Immutable laws of marketing (marketing)
  • Gently nurture relationships with top bloggers at BlogWorld, South by Southwest
  • Burchard: have your back-end be ready BEFORE your write the book
  • Nurture your JV partners, always be focussed on providing value to them



This could change your career (and how you market yourself and your brand) forever.

RARELY do I say you MUST join an interview, but add this to your caendar right away, okay?

Tomorrow, I’m interviewing New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris.

As you know, Tim rarely does training calls. He’s the author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body.

Tomorrow he’s going to tell you how he architected his expert brand and book empire. (And his stats, below, are beyond impressive).

So, tomorrow you’ll have two guys — me and Tim — sharing how we crafted our New York Times best-sellers, including how we got our MULTI-million dollar book advances. This will be marketing gold.

(Btw, I don’t think two modern day authors with #1 New York Times bestsellers and MULTI-milliondollar advances have ever revealed all on a call).

Here’s the details for your calendar. Below that is more information on Tim’s incredible stats.


Brendon Burchard Interviews Tim Ferris, Author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body How We Did It, How You Can Start Now

July 28th at 4pm Pacific U.S.
U.S. Call-in: 1-800-771-7838
International Call-in: +1 212 231 2904
No access code needed.
One time only.
No cost to listen in.


Next, if you’re in the know, you’ve heard that Tim is FINALLY doing a reveal-all event on how he architected two publishing phenomenons back-to-back. (See stats below).

What you HAVE NOT heard, is that he and I are doing a BONUS DAY on the Monday immediately following his weekend seminar.

At this event, I’m going to share the most advanced strategies I know for building a expert empires and publishing phenomenons.

I should warn you that Tim’s event is VERY expensive, and only people who attend his event can stay for he and my bonus day afterwards.

That’s one reason I’m doing this call for you. Very few people can afford our seminar, and the truth is there are only 20 spots left for his event.

You can learn about and apply for Tim’s event here:

That’s the application page, but you’ll also see a link for more information on his event.

You get $1000 off if you signup via that link. (No, I am not compensated – I just know Tim and asked him to give my people a deal).

Let me know if you signup, so I can look for you at my bonus day.

Tim’s event runs from August 19-21st in California wine country. Our joint bonus day is Monday, August 22nd at the same location from 9am-3pm (or until they kick us out). Details via the link above.

Here’s the STATS Tim and I have achieved, which we’ll talk about on our call so you can start your own phenomenon.



The 4-Hour Workweek… (published April 2007)
— #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, #1 BusinessWeek
— Called “The most surprising self-help hit of the decade” by Men’s Journal
— More than 1,000,000 hardcovers sold in the US alone
— Nearly four years unbroken on the New York Times Business Bestseller List
— Sold in 35 languages, 60+ printings
— An Amazon Top-10 Reader Favorite of 2007
— AdAge “Best Product Launch for 2007”
— Digital sales: 4.8% of total units
— Advance paid: < $100,000 (signed before publication)
— “best self-promoter of all time” (Wired) and “branding wunderkind” (FastCompany).

The 4-Hour Body (2010):
— The 4-Hour Body… (published December 2010)
— Instant #1 New York Times Bestseller, #1 six out of the first eight weeks
— Nearly 500,000 books sold in the first four months
— Selling at FIVE times the rate of The 4-Hour Workweek
— The #1 most-highlighted book of all time on Amazon
— First business author to jump non-fiction categories and create another instant #1 hit
— Digital sales: 30% of total units, 90%+ of which is Kindle
— Advance paid (largely based on the proposal’s marketing plan): $2,000,000+


–The Millionaire Messenger instant #1 on New York Times and USA Today
— Promotion accomplished with just 3 videos, and 5 weeks total timeline (including writing the book)
— Increased subscriber base by 60,000
— Generated over $1,000,000 on the backend of the book in 60 days
— Less than 90 days later, generated $4.1 Million online in sales for followup promotion
— Less than 120 later recorded and ran the audio book to #1 on Amazon (across all Amzn, not just audio category). Ditto B&N.
— 120 days later signed a $2,000,000 book advance from a major pub (deal not public yet but will share on call)
— Did all this with NO media whatsoever.
— All online marketing.
— At point of #1 on NYTimes, had never, not once, been interviewed about the book.
— No blogs, no pr, no book tour, no traditional nonsense that wipes you out and fails to get results. Just the fewest possible moves to #1.
— The most lucrative online backend of a book in history
— Displaced two books on the list in this category that had held the top spots for over 5 years
— The first paperback in history to hit #1 that fast without store penetration or PR

I think you see now why you need to be on this call.

I can’t wait to tell you how we did it all.

Tim will share 5 secrets, and I will share 5 as well.

This will be historic and change your career. Take lots of notes!

Talk soon,

– Brendon

NOTE: I am not a paid affiliate of Tim or this event. I just like the guy and since we’ve been SOO blessed to accomplish so much so fast, I thought we’d share how we did it with you.

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