$15,000 in a week: Laying the plan for success (recording)

In early June I sold about $15k of WordPress webinar services, about 50 seats in a 8-week course, mostly via a single large social media JV promotion (a Linkedin group).  I have been an internet entrepreneur for 7 years, but this is the most money I have ever made on the web.  Even more exciting is the feedback that I am getting from my students (“Marc I think you are brilliant”… mm, tell me more), and the possibility that this operation could be scaled very rapidly via a marketing technique called JV webinars, that is currently the highest converting sales vehicle on the planet.

I am now feeling qualified to reopen the Lifestyle Design School internet business development Mastermind / Coaching program.  This is a free program, however I am asking for a commitment and a “pay it forward” (that you mentor somebody else).  The program starts on Tuesday July 19 at 1pm EST and will consist of a weekly 1-hour call and follow-up.

Below is the recording of the first information call that took place on Tuesday July 5.  The audio is terrible (particularly the first 10 minutes), but it is still hearable, so please listen to it.   Enjoy!



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2 comments to $15,000 in a week: Laying the plan for success (recording)

  • That is a really amazing way to make some money fast, and I'm sure that the impetus for your motivation was Brandon Burchard am I correct? I'm going through his program now, and it's highly informative and motivating. I can see myself building up to this eventually, and I keep on learning from folks like you every day. Thanks for the audio from this, it's not that bad quality wise and the message is spot on!

  • Derek,

    thanks for your comment. I don't know about "making money fast", it can take years of intense effort and dedication, however its certainly fast by conventional standards of wealth generation (savings and investment).

    Glad you liked the audio, I wasn't expecting anyone to listen to it 😉

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